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Fighting Depression, Fighting Myself

By on July 21, 2017

I feel like I’m fighting myself. And how could it be otherwise? Depression is a condition beyond my control, and yet it is part of who I am. It…


Why I Don’t Hide My Self-Harm Scars

By on June 6, 2017

In helping people who self-harm through peer support, I’ve listened to a variety of perspectives of one particular type of self-harm: Skin tissue injury. Typically, people think of this…


Sometimes Lithium Makes Me Feel Boring

By on April 9, 2017

Lithium… my saviour, my stability, my solace from manic melodies. But sometimes it just makes me feel like I’m always in the shallow end of the emotional pool. Yet the…


Being Bipolar and Having Bipolar: My Current Self

By on March 5, 2017

In a post I wrote in 2015, I gave an academic overview of how to understand the difference between saying “I’m bipolar” versus “I have bipolar.” It’s been a…


The Allure of Self-Harm

By on January 19, 2017

She is beauty, she is grace, she is… longing for self-harm again? Trigger warning for self-harm method descriptions.

Self-harm is a much more complex topic than we think. It’s not just…


Timeless Reveries of the Me Trapped in Mental Illness

By on January 7, 2017

Amidst holiday frustrations, something wonderful happened to me: I forgot I was mentally ill. Let me deconstruct that sentence. And please note, as always, this is not meant to…


My Version of D-Day is Diagnosis Day

By on December 5, 2016

What is known as D-Day in World War II history seems pretty accurate to how my mental illness D-Day happened. My war with depression, self-harm, psychosis, hypo/mania (all terms…