Fighting Depression, Fighting Myself

By on July 21, 2017

I feel like I’m fighting myself. And how could it be otherwise? Depression is a condition beyond my control, and yet it is part of who I am. It…


3 Suggestions for Navigating Medication and Body Image Issues

By on July 1, 2017

Something I’ve struggled with for most of my life, like many others, has been my (mostly negative) relationship with how my body looks. When it comes to body image…


Why I Don’t Hide My Self-Harm Scars

By on June 6, 2017

In helping people who self-harm through peer support, I’ve listened to a variety of perspectives of one particular type of self-harm: Skin tissue injury. Typically, people think of this…


Common Things I Hear as Someone Who Has Bipolar

By on May 20, 2017

It’s been about three years since the inception of “Redefining Bipolar” and everything that coincided with the creation of this website. I’ve done many speaking engagements, a lot of…


13 Reasons Why: When Research and Lived Experience Mix

By on May 13, 2017

Trigger warning for suicide, sexual assault, bullying, and spoilers galore. One thing I also want to begin with is that it’s taken me over a month to write this…